In God we trust

Dear President Obama,

I hope you, your family and your nation are doing well. It seems to be that the US economy starts to recovery from the 2008 financial mess. The World thanks your efforts to restore peace and confidence. This is a personal letter, but it intends to avert the concerns from the America’s Southern Cone people. As you probably have been noticed, a “sudden stop” in capital flows menaces the “pampas”, challenging the whole region. Why a US President shoobamauld worry about this? First, most “sudden stops” have always ended in severe currency crises. Second, previous currency crises in the “pampas” have had significant negative effects on its smaller neighbors. Third, loosing a trivial portion of the Southern Cone consumption might have destabilizing consequences on a weak World economy. Since 2002, the “gaucho land” has not been able to normalize “alone” its financial relations. Another crisis might worsen even more the social and economic conditions. This could be good for the NBA (in the coming final instead of one, you will have five pampas’ players), but it is not definitively good for the World. I keep my ticket to Washington open for any further personal enquire and praise for your successful second term.



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