Don’t cry for us Argentina?

los 4Argentine people are fully trained in “self surviving” crises. 1975, 1982, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2002… Nevertheless, the social costs of the recurrent adjustments have deteriorated the main strengths of the country. Pope Francisco, Queen Maxima, Messi and Ginobili are only four examples of the human capital quality. Education and effort are two argentine attributes that can be easily captured at global level. But, what about the argentine political elite? Here, the picture does not seem to be fully clear. The mechanism of selection and circulation of the elite has been discussed by Pareto and Michels one hundred years ago. Francisco, Maxima, Messi and Ginobili were somehow forced to leave the country to exploit their potential. San Martin and Sarmiento, two of the biggest argentine heroes, died away of the country. Corruption and incompetence were somehow common elements of the argentine lives.  A big wave menaces another time the homes and argentine families.  Don’t cry for us, please, praise for better argentine politicians and entrepreneurs…



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